16 - 19 / 9 / 2022

Buyer Journey

How to use the Event Platform

Register Now

To allow for better event planning, register at least a week before the event starts. Visitors who register during the event period shall allow the organiser half a day to validate their registration and set up the visitor account to access the event platform.

Receives registration confirmation with the event link and passcode to access the event platform.

Attend the event

Login to the event platform (Click here for the Buyer’s Guide on how to use the event platform)

(1) Setup your profile

(2) Supplier / Product search
- Send meeting requests to suppliers on for quotations and product details

(3) Review Supplier Invitations
- Check your inbox for supplier invitations; accept invitations that fit your schedule and interests

(4) Webinars
- Check out the webinar sessions; mark the ones you want to attend on your calendar

On event days

- Explore supplier / product showroom
- Attend scheduled meetings
- Join webinars / industry discussions
- Hold live chat / video conferencing sessions with suppliers

After the event

The event platform will stay open for a week after the event closes; attendees may follow up on product / supplier searches made during the event period

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