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Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong 2019

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Exhibitor Interviews

Product Interviews

Willy Bieri, Managing Director of GRS GemResearch Swisslab AG

An international gem lab with a presence in major gemstone centres around the world, GRS is introducing the GRS Platinum Award reports with Augmented Reality (AR).

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This gemstone premium report comes with AR features that when activated, will not only bring the stones to life but also demonstrate from which environment the stones were mined.

Alexander Hahn, Director of
Gerhard Hahn GmbH

Alexander Hahn of Gerhard Hahn GmbH unveils four rare pieces from their collection, namely a 6-carat sapphire in perfect colour, a no-oil (no-treatment) Colombian emerald…

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an Australian South Sea Pearl necklace (16mm – 20mm), and a 150-carat peridot from Burma.

Hayley A. Henning, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Greenland Ruby

Greenland Ruby is offering rubies and pink sapphires in different colours, from the pigeon’s blood red to icy pink. The company also produces facetted gemstones and cabochons.

Andrea Hansen, Fenix Diamonds

A major lab-grown diamond supplier, Fenix produces diamonds in every colour and quality. Specialising in stones weighing 30 points to 3 carats, the manufacturer also produces…

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fancy-cut goods and lab-grown diamonds in fancy colours, including blues, pinks and oranges. All of the supplied by Fenix are Type IIA stones, which is a tremendous asset in presenting lab-grown diamonds to consumers.

Alexander Leuenberger, CEO of ALine GmbH

Operating a sapphire mine in Madagascar, ALine GmbH offers a wide range of coloured gemstones of the finest quality. Company owner Alexander Leuenberger introduces a Paraiba tourmaline…

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weighing more than 30 carats and three bluish-green tourmalines – one from Namibia and two from Afghanistan.

Brady C. D’Elia, President & CEO of MG Worldwide

MG Worldwide is launching two special collections, namely the David English Eternities Bands Collection, which focuses on fancy shapes that are quite exclusive…

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and very well-received in the market, and the Men’s Sterling Silver Collection.

Rico R. Rauschmayer, CEO (Asia) of Rauschmayer

Family-owned Rauschmayer has been in business since 1963. Specialising in wedding bands and engagement rings, the company has sold more than 8 million wedding bands all over the world.

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Since 2005, the company has tapped into the China market. Other than its customised services, company CEO Rico R. Rauschmayer introduces the brand’s two-tone engagement ring collection.

Frank Mayer, co-owner of Heinz Mayer

The long-established German company has been known for the high level of precision and “engineering” that it injects into every piece of jewellery it produces.

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Heinz Mayer is renowned for its “Rolling Diamond Bracelet,” which, when held upside down, forms a straight line, but when rolled back, resembles a bicycle chain. Another famous creation is “Diamond Cashmere,” a mesh-like diamond-studded bracelet that feels like soft fabric when worn.

Mattia Giliuffo, Managing Director of Matthia’s & Claire

Award-winning Matthia’s & Claire is introducing the Skin Collection, which consists of bracelets with customised parts. Buyers can easily personalise their bracelets by picking the model…

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colour and setting they want. Based in Switzerland, the company distributes jewellery to Dubai, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and other major markets.

Jerome Higgins, Crystal Art Gallery Ltd

Specialising in one-of-a-kind hand-engraved decorative ornaments made of precious stones, metals and rare petrified wood, Crystal Art Gallery Ltd is presenting one-of-a-kind pieces…

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including a horse clock adorned with sapphires, rubies and emeralds and set atop an aventurine bowl; a silver-gilt falcon with rock crystals from Switzerland and tourmalines from Brazil, and a peacock made of white opal and silver-gilt feathers.

Mit Mehta, S.R. Mehta & Sons

A key distributor of diamond-testing tools, Mehta & Sons is introducing the Red Dot Design award-winning innovation, Gemometrics GemPen, which helps differentiate natural diamonds…

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from lab-grown diamonds. It is also presenting other devices, including the Smartpro, Diamond Grading Lamp and Diamond Grading Microscope.

Ankit Kothari, Rosentiques Fine Jewellery

Luxury jeweller Rosentiques specialises in top-end collections and wedding jewellery sets embellished with fine diamonds and coloured gemstones.

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The company offers meticulously crafted statement pieces, from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings.

Ingo Henn, Henn of London

Apart from creating designer pieces for some large jewellery houses in London, master goldsmith and jewellery designer Ingo Henn of Henn of London offers bespoke services…

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to private clients. He has been very passionate about coloured gemstones and these are always the essence of his jewellery. One such example is an 18-karat white gold bangle with Brazilian rubellite cabochons and a detachable pendant with a 26.5-carat Imperial topaz from Brazil.

Maria Krasnova, Mousson Atelier

Originating from Russia, Mousson Atelier is launching elegant pieces made with exceptional attention to detail, including a pair of Colombian emerald earrings…

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and a ring embellished with diamonds. Another must-see item is a Paraiba tourmaline ring surrounded by diamonds in different sizes and shapes.

Maitraya Kayvan Sanghvi, Vishrut Gems

With a track record going back four generations, Vishrut Gems has carved a niche for itself in the high-end pearl jewellery market. The company is renowned for showcasing the beauty of …

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rare Persian Gulf pearls, including collections that are over a hundred years old, with its sophisticated manufacturing techniques and signature craftsmanship.

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